Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Radio Waves -some of the making of

Radio Waves - mainly 'spy surf' but with some Eastern instrumentation for a bit of spice.

 I needed to occupy my mind (waiting on reports of a relative in hospital), so I finished off this half baked idea over a few nights.

Basically it is a 140 bpm surf guitar tune but i wanted to contrast an Eastern sound with a Western sound in one tune.

Besides playing my trusty old AXL strat copy (which I still like the sound for the surfy stuff), I played real live bass but I thought a Nay, Oud and Tabla sound would make it kind of interesting, though they are instruments from different areas.  The only loops I used were the Western drum
loops otherwise I attempted to play (via midi keyboard) these VSTi's:

The mixed down tracks:

Tabla percussion I programmed

A short clip playing around with the Eastern and Middle Eastern instruments via midi keyboard:

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