Thursday, June 15, 2017

Making of 'Thin Places'

Making of 'Thin Places'

This is a slightly weird tune weaved and pulled together from a few randomn threads.

LMMS was the main electronic music program I used to make this and then I mixed it and added some more on Sonar LE.

It was a combination of listening to Irish folk music, playing with a Japanese randomn speech synth called 'AquesTone2' and mixing it with a little big beat groove. I was also learning how to use a vocoder at the same time, so I thought I would pull al these ideas together and see what resulted.

I restricted myself in writing the chords and melody purely on the piano roll of LMMS. Often I write the song on guitar but I wanted to push myself out of routine and habital moves.

I actually worked quite hard on the melody and chords to create the feel I was after. When I added the instruments it began to sway away from my original intentions and I decided to follow it wherever it took me, which unintentially sounded more Asian instead of Irish. Maybe it is the pentatonic scale I was using? Who knows?

The title 'thin places' is a reference to Celtic Christian idea of physical places that are 'thin' between the physical and the spiritual. The song itself gives no hint of this, it was a working title when I started and decided to leave it...just in case you were wondering...

In the end, I suspect it is an aquired taste as a tune but I like it because I was able to push a few more boundaries in writing and recording. The journey is personally as important to me, however, if anyone likes it - or 'gets it' than I'm doublely and tripley and quadroopaly happy..

A short video I took while making the beginning: