Friday, January 19, 2018

Making of 'Coming Home'

Here's a few minutes of the making of 'Coming Home'

It was really an experiment between using a PC (which is my main method) and iPad which I borrowed. I liked the combinations of sound it produced. The drums are loops and some of the pipes (reversed) but the rest I played or programmed.

Whatever it sounds like to you, I'm personally happy to have extended myself again. I enjoyed the experience on the whole, besides the usual frustration, agony and ecstasy of making music ;-)

I also downloaded Ripplemaker by Bram Bos which was a lot of fun to play around with. I have always respected and used much of his software over the years which is always 'friendly' to the user.

Here's some pics:

And the clip taken up at Anstey Hill I had to wait everytime someone walked past before I filmed the little model. I'm sure someone spotted me and shook their head. The things we do for creativity ;-)

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