Friday, January 20, 2017

'Restless' - the making of...

I don't know if many people actually read any of these posts but I am finding it helpful nowadays to record the journey for myself - and if anyone else benefits; well, that would make me happy.

After experimenting with electronic only music I became actually restless and just wanted to make an old school guitar-blast tune. I went against many of my principles and did not concentrate on 'melody' so much as just making a noise - the result is the tune 'Restless'. Here:

The tune began accidentally as I had been listening to Led Zeppelin and playing around with 'Since I've been Loving you'  which gave me the feel for what was going to become 'Restless'. However, by the time I came to put it together it just turned into a scrambled jam instead. Oh well. I also borrowed my son's violin bow and decided to record (rather loudly) myself playing the guitar with a violin bow, which is actually harder than it looks. I shoved it as the 'middle eight' in the tune.

The actual guitar parts I used the RP50 effect and the Wah Wah Pedal which doesn't seem to be working so well nowadays but still gave it a bit of expression:

The drums were 100 bpm 'blues' acoustic drums from the looperman website, that someone kindly donated for download.

The rest, well, I played these puppies:

If you are interested in anymore, I made two videos explaining it a little further:

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