Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How I dropped the Anchor of Hope

As usual, I write this stuff as a record for myself because I forget how I make things...and also...I really like to learn from others how they make music, so this is my way of giving back, if anyone may be the slightest bit interested.

Here's the finished song

I like the idea of using 'samples' in production of music because it can really orchestrate the tune and fill it out and make it stronger. 

The problem with  using other people's samples (ie lifted from vinyl records) is that it is a legal minefield.

Sooo...I remembered that I had a stack of cassettes of songs and part-songs and ideas I recorded myself of myself over the 90's and early 2000's on cassette players and 4 Track tape recorders. 

I'm always 'this close' to ditching the tapes into big pile of trash but discover that some stuff can be recycled.

I found myself playing two bass guitar parts I loud and distorted and thought that it would be good to sample them and see what i could do with them...which I did.... There are really only three parts I took and then built the rest of the song around them.

Here is some of the process:

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