Saturday, May 9, 2015

LMMS sequencer

I tried out another sequencer recently called LMMS .

This following tune I wrote with 'orchestral' type instruments on LMMS and then I fine tuned it through Sonar LE.

The Wiki Page for LMMS is here if you want to know more about it.

I really liked using LMMS and hope to try out some different sounds.

By the way I used VSTi's mainly from DSK

Here is a screenshot of LMMS  with DSK Strings

Heres a screenshot of the instruments in Sonar LE where I mixed it down

And a Screenshot of the effects (mainly reverb and EQ)

Here's a shaky hand held camera view of LMMS in action:

Here is a 30ish second clip of the sounds I used in it:


  1. Also, check out George Harrison's 'Electronic Sound'.

    1. thanks Richard, I have read about this but not heard it yet - I'll try and listen to it soon enough!

    2. @Richard...yes I listened to some of it...very early days of electronic music...more noise than music but interesting. Thanks